High level strategic planning, design and advertising expertise to create ideas that transform brands.

Sukhchain Singh

Technical Conceptualizer

He is a person with an ability to view & understand things at a macro level which have allowed us to create 3i products. A fabulous person who always inspires others. He not only connects with his team on a professional level but also acts as a unwavering moral support to them. A happy go lucky personality who enjoys what he does, is ever ready to face any challenge in his way to achieve the best.

Manisha Sharma

Brand Evangelist

Our Miss Why, is always curious to discover the logic behind every idea, to find out whether it will work or not for your brand beforehand. She has a flare to come up with something unique to make your brand stand out in the crowd. Her curiosity and passion in marketing allows her to find simplistic solutions to the most complex problems churning out a right way to build, grow and promote your brand.

Amrik Singh

Technical Lead

A true sailor to his team who is always ready to help them whenever they struck difficulty in the sea of coding & programming, is what our technical lead is. He has a deep insight of his field and has been dedicatedly working on our 3i Products. Research and development is his forte. He is a warm and compassionate personality who encourages his team to do the best in every project they undertake.

Sachin Garg

Lead Technical Artist

A person with a strong HTML base along with insights into programming gives him a unique ability to bring strong coordination among designers and programmers. His never ending passion to explore and experiment with the latest technologies helps him find out how technology can make designs more interactive. His ever curious mind allows him to achieve even greater heights.

Abhimanyu Rana

Interaction Designer

A quiet and shy personality describe his true self. He completely approves to the saying, “people who are quiet, have the loudest minds”. Being an expert in interaction and product interface designing, he makes sure that brand design must form a bond with the audience. A creative enthusiast who combines technology and art to come up with attractive and unique designs.

Pallavi Bali

Brand Evangelist

A charming personality with a contagious smile is here to help you with intelligent marketing plans and expert consultancy to flourish your brand globally. Market research, analysis and chalking out unique strategies are some of the areas of her excellence. She is a brand nurturer who plants innovative ideas in building brands so that our clients can reap the sweet fruit of success.

Anshul Gupta

Creative Coder

An ethical hacker who has an undying urge to explore all the possibilities in the arena of programming. He is a dynamic personality who works dedicatedly to bring life to designs with the power of precise functionality. No confusion and well-defined vision while taking on web development describe his work ethics to the best. Drive to learn something new keeps him motivated to break all the barriers.

Rupali Chandna

Creative Scribbler

Attuned with interactive & creative writing skills, alongside a passion to create experiences through her communication, is here to define your brand concept in the right way. A relatable tone and informative baseline defines the way she communicates ideas, to the best. Friendly speech & understanding of behavioural psychology helps her connect your brand with your audience.

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